Herbert Wigwe, at a first glance, comes to you as a privileged and wealthy dude, whose heart is laced with royal courage, but a close encounter with the sensational bank chief will surprise you about his down-to-earth humility.

Enterprising Herbert is a man that many know as a person to borrow from but well-endowed to lend; something uncommon among his ilk. Herbert Wigwe is beside himself with joy for being privileged to witness yet another glorious addition to his meritorious days on earth. He was 52 on Wednesday, 15th of August 2018.

Herbert is a miracle-working banker. Unlike the middling marabou, his miracles aren’t deceptive in nature rather each one is an event that creates faith in his abilities as a fiscal guru and bank chief. The Access Bank chief is not just an efficient administrative Managing Director but a seasoned leader. This is why he is continually revered and celebrated, among his clan and league of extraordinary men in the world.

He understands the rudiments of the business landscape enough to tame the odds and he has done just that. He also understands that to be a man of honour and substance requires indeterminate exploits at dawn through dusk in honest industry.  Wigwe knows that honour and longevity, like celery, flourishes in the dark shade – far from the blaze of disconcerting neon lights.

As a chief executive, particularly one dealing with intense pressures, Wigwe relies on many things, perspective and context; and strategic counsel and courage of conviction. However, chief among them is loyalty, which he guards jealously. And in a word, that strengthens Wigwe’s relationship with his peers and his underlings alike.

Despite the tempestuous tides of the global business world, Wigwe continues to navigate the storms with a sturdy and solemn resolve to remain atop and afloat.

Although he has every reason to shake his garment like the branches of the teak in spring and let his joy glow like the fireflies that light up the fields and quiet meadows, but Herbert Wigwe is celebrating quietly. After all, even for his birthday last year, the society did not quake in celebration of a high-achieving young man. It is his style. He wears his badge of temperance and humility in the shape of a subtly hued bowtie thus affirming that he is a gentleman.

As Herbert clocks 52, it is meet and proper to rise up in unison and raise our glasses in honour of the “The Special One”


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