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Rasheed Kashamu Resurrects Father’s Dynasty In Ogun Politics

Rasheed Kashamu Resurrects Father’s Dynasty In Ogun Politics

16 April, 2023

When you are born of a true father, you will definitely become a good product of your father, whom his father will always take pride in, even when he is no more on the surface of this earth. That is exactly what Rasheed Kashamu, the son of the late Buruji Kashamu is proving in Ogun State.

Rasheed has stepped into his late father's shoes as a politician of note, winning a coveted seat in the revered Ogun State House of Assembly may have prided him as the new bride and force to reckon with in the political terrain of Ogun State, just as he is giving other political stakeholders the jitters and much ruffles, where he now stands tall to take over from where his father vacated meritoriously.

He is a true son of his father and he has shown this through his emergence as a member of the Ogun State House of Assembly representing the Ijebu North Constituency 1 as a member of his father’s party, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) during the last general elections across the country.

Kashamu's pedigree as an inimitable and indubitable budding politician is unequalled, coming in as a greenhorn on the volatile turf of politics; he beat all comers to clinch the House of Assembly seat of his constituency. As an incoming lawmaker, he has virtually transformed the Omo Ilu Foundationwhich his late father, Buruju Kashamu pioneered before his demise, as a legacy which Rasheed has now revived.

The 26 years old young and vibrant Kashamu is a refined gentleman who walks his talk just like his father, is virtually grandstanding as a visionary leader of impeccable warm-hearted integrity and friend to all with strong and intimidating educational and professional accreditations, Rasheed has a degree in International Business and Management from Brunel University, London, and his Master of Science degree in International Finance and Investment from the University of Surrey, it is most likely that it is the political lessons he learnt from his father that stood him out.