Africa’s widely-acclaimed richest man, Aliko Dangote, will always spring surprises.
When he inched out of the 60s bracket, he chose to give his numerous staff the best of times, even as his fond staff were getting set to give him a surprise package. Trust the Kano-born business mogul; he had another thing in mind for his staff, most of who were befuddled at his low-key approach to his new addition to his years on mother earth. Dangote's birthday was widely celebrated across all boards, against all advertorials that were splashed in the media, the birthday celebrated in his office was most modest and spectacular, given the camaraderie that came into play. His staffs were ecstatic of the modest celebration and they all, in unison, sang a ‘Happy Birthday’ song to their boss, who in the presence of the many birthday cakes could not hide his joy. Alhaji Dangote’s daughters and his top managerial were visible on the ground to make the day a worthy one for Africa’s richest man. This birthday is coming o the heels of Dangote’s daughter, Fatimah’s marriage to the son of former Inspector General of Police, Mohammed Abubakar, a marriage that was a statement of opulence and panache. your social media marketing partner