The Group Executive Director of BUA Group, youthful and very officious Kabiru Rabiu, has again notched up in his upwardly mobile profile, as he was recently ranked second on the “Choiseul 100 Africa” list of future African Business leaders. 

Rabiu ranked only after Egyptian, Basil El Baz, on the list by the Institut Choiseul, a renowned French economic and political think-tank based in Paris in partnership with a leading publication, Jeune Afrique. As the silver spoon kid of the Chairman, he does not hang any airs around himself, as he does not brag or boast about his prestigious background. Kabiru Rabiu is a young man with value, good virtues and enterprise running in his vein. On account of his rare managerial and staff, and customer—friendly mien, he rapidly rose to be the Group Executive Director of BUA International Limited, after being the general manager of BUA since 2005. He is not just a chip off the old block; he has a very solid educational pedigree, with an MBA in International Business from prestigious American Intercontinental University, London England in 2002. He joined Nigerian Oil Mills Limited, owned by the BUA Group in the same 2002 as Assistant General Manager and was promoted to the post of General Manager in 2005. He has attended several courses within and outside Nigeria. With his top managerial post as the head of the company, Kabiru carries along all manner of staff in his dealings with them and has never been known to be a favourite of any one of them. That is why his staff always clamour for his attention and decision-making on knotty issues. Kabiru has leadership qualities, with an unassuming disposition, which he epitomizes as a matured gentleman. His new top ranking in far away Paris is another glowing testimony of Kabiru’s cerebral nature as business impresario. your social media marketing partner

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