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‘He has no godfather’ why Tinubu can take tough decisions by Victor Ganzallo

‘He has no godfather’ why Tinubu can take tough decisions by Victor Ganzallo

10 June, 2023

The reasons President Bola Tinubu can hit the ground running, take tough decisions and make unbelievable moves are not far fetched.

The man has no godfather to hold him back and tele-guide him.

He is going to be in total and firm control of his government and his appointees.

When democracy returned in 1999, Obasanjo was the candidate of the generals, he was even at some point held by the ‘balls’ by his then VP, Atiku Abubakar.

Yar’Adua who succeeded Obasanjo we all remember how he was picked by Obasanjo and practically answered to him till he breathed his last.

Jonathan came after Yar’Adua and I am yet to conclude who was the weakest president in the history of Nigeria between Jonathan and Shehu Shagari. Jonathan was a stooge, so to speak, to the extent that even his wife at some point became more influential than himself, the C-in-C.

Buhari succeeded Jonathan and aside his well documented nonchalance and laissez faire attitude, he also was surrounded by the celebrated cabal, which consisted of Mamman Daura, Late Abba Kyari and Late Isah Funtua.

Enters President Bola Tinubu! There’s practically no one you can point to as his godfather, you can only claim that he has close confidants like Chief Segun Osoba and Chief Bisi Akande, who you can rightly described as his political beneficiaries.

He rose to power on his own terms, demolishing hurdles and obstacles that ordinary ought to have made his aspiration impossible, from very powerful elements within his own party to some highly influential and equally powerful members of the Buhari government.

Even at some points, some of the decisions taken by the Buhari government in the run-in to the election were rumored to be inspired by the plan to frustrate his ambition, but he surmounted them all.

So, Nigerians should expect Tinubu to take more fearless decisions in the coming days. Even the constitution of his cabinet may be a shocker.

He will take the decisions on his terms, with the best interest of the people at the heart of it, without fear or favour, he has no godfather!