Monday, Jan 2021

We are not responsible for your ordeals, APC tells Adeleke

The Osun state chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC) has told Ademola Adeleke, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) candidate in the last governorship election in Osun, to prioritize his “fraud case” and stop dragging the party into his affair.

The ruling party said this In a statement issued by Kunle Oyatomi, APC director of publicity, research and strategy in the state.

The party said the PDP candidate was looking for plausible ways to cover up his shortcomings.

Adeleke had accused the police of conspiring with the APC to stop him from retrieving his “stolen mandate”

Oyatomi said Adeleke is too enmeshed in theatrics, making it difficult for him to grapple with how the tribunal and the court processes work, hence the accusations.

He said “Senator Ademola Adeleke should face his problem squarely and stop looking for props and excuses to justify his inadequacies. APC did not ask him to commit the examination fraud.

“That is a matter with the police. And we are not police prosecutors. If he has been taken to court by the police, how is that the business with the APC?

“He was the one who went to the tribunal and he has a responsibility to diligently prosecute his case at the tribunal. We cannot stop the tribunal from working, not even Ademola himself can stop the tribunal.

“So, it is immature, pedestrian and patently wrong for Ademola to accuse the APC and police of conspiring to deprive him of the ability to prosecute his own case. Perhaps the PDP candidate is too much engrossed in entertainment to find the time to understand how the tribunal and the court processes work. He should try and update himself, so as to know what to do, rather than embarrassing himself and his party.”

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