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FIFA World Cup: Majority Players Prefer 4-year Model

FIFA World Cup: Majority Players Prefer 4-year Model

17 February, 2022

FIFPRO released a report according to seventy-five percent of footballers want the FIFA Football World Cup to be held after every four years instead of the proposed biennial model. The report also claimed that players mark World Cup and domestic leagues as their favourite tournaments.  A survey was conducted of around 1000 players across six continents and 70 countries by FIFPRO and Nation unions. FIFPRO is a FIFA-affiliated international federation of professional players.

FIFA had come up with a plan in November to replace the 4-year world cup format and conduct it every two years. When the Idea was tabled FIFPRO was with the opinion that players must agree to this new format

FIFPRO said, "that any plans to change the match schedule must have the agreement of players and began a process to canvas their opinion as part of a wider consultation on workload in the men’s game."

The survey made a regional breakdown according to which 77% of the players from Europe and 63% of players from both North and South America wanted the World Cup every 4 years. 51% of players from the Asian continent wanted that the World Cup should be conducted in either two or three years. FIFPRO concluded that the majority of players wanted the World Cup should exist as it is, but players from smaller and medium markets wanted a change in the format "to further strengthen their national sides."