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25 February, 2022

Following 1-0 loss to Burnley that saw Tottenham Hotspur seven points off the top four. Antonio Conte has dropped a major hint on his future with the club during the post-match press conference.

The former Inter Milan coach looked frustrated and said that the club will have to make "an assessment" on his position following series of losses. While speaking to the press after the match, Conte said,  

"It was a difficult night. It's not only tonight, in the last five games we lost four games. It means there will be [an] assessment about the club, about me, because I think for me it is very frustrating to lose four out of five. For sure the situation speaks clear. I am really sorry for the fans, I am really sorry because I think they don't deserve this. But when you lose four out of five it means the club have to make an assessment, also to speak together, and to understand which is the best solution."

Talking about the situation, he added, "In this situation the players are always the same in this club, the club change coaches, but the players are the same, but the result doesn't change. I repeat, I am too honest to accept this type of situation, and for sure we will make an assessment with the club, because I repeat, it is not right, it is not right, it is not good for everybody to continue to lose and I can't accept this. It's not good for nobody. In the last five games we've lost four. This is reality. Not the performance. We lost four of the last five, nobody deserves this situation, this is the reality."

"I came in to try to improve the situation but maybe in this moment, I don't know. I'm not so good to improve it. It is very frustrating. Working hard, working a lot and trying to get out the best of players. Too honest to close my eyes."