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Gussy and dapper dresser, Sonnia Agu is a devout believer in the Nigerian dream with over seven years of strategic and diversified professional experience in Social Work, Media, Aviation, Oil and Gas as well as Business Development; the millennial social entrepreneur, who started implicit business, of course for the sake of profit, but innately as well for making the community or country a better place to live in for the inhabitants.

He is known to be one that plays big in the corporate world, but many do not know that he finds quality time to savour his wife when the right time demands. Game-changing business impresario, Tony Elumelu is one man that does not leave his family behind in his hectic schedule; and this was exemplified when his darling wife, Dr. Awele added a year days back. He took ample time out on a Sunday morning to show the sterling love he has for his wife, in company with their lovely children. Awele was shell-shocked at the birthday game her husband played on her and she did not betray the emotion that was involved in the love that was showered on her by her husband of many years; a union that has produced lovely kids and that family is still continuing to be one that can only be assured of many good things to come.

Tony, in his affectionate remarks on his jewel of inestimable value on her birthday, saidyou are my backbone and mom extraordinaire. I will continue to love you till eternity. Awele, you are just too much. Many Happy Returns to you my dear sweetie.

As a medical doctor, Awele is ever passionate about helping others. She has, in similar manner, been a pillar of support to her husband in his business forays. Little wonder, Dr. Awele is well-loved and respected among her people, family and the society at large.

In line with its vision of impacting the society positively through corporate social responsibility, the National Sports Lottery Foundation is set to carry out a 2-day Free Medical Consultation on Cardiovascular Health in Adults and Dental Health treatment for children below the ages of 10 for the residents of Ojodu Local Council Development Area (LCDA) area of Lagos State.