If you say Senator Dino Melaiye is controversy personified, you are not far from the truth. The Kogi-born senator of the federal republic courts troubles effortlessly. If he is not having issues with his women, he firing tirades at party members or leading protest against one form of injustice or the other.

But he seems to have bitten more than he can chew in his latest public fiasco. Perhaps, smarting from British Prime Minister, David Cameron’s derogatory remark about the high level of corruption in Nigeria, the upwardly mobile politician had taken to twitter to deride Cameron for firing such a salvo at Nigeria.

Twitting on his twitter handle @dino_melaiye wrote: ‘Cameron is wrong in categorizing my beloved country Nigeria as fantastically corrupt. What are his indices, yardsticks and criteria?’

Interestingly, it does appears the controversial senator may have shot himself in the leg in his vague attempt to pour cold water on the British Prime Minister’s derogatory remark. The former member of House of Representatives posted photographs of exotic automobiles much to the chagrin of many facebook users who castigated him for his brazen display of opulence unbecoming of a distinguished senator.

Obviously enraged by Melaiye’s enquiry on the yardstick employed by Cameron to discredit Nigeria; one Ofor @oforokeke caustically commented, ‘1. Locate a mirror 2. Look in the mirror 3. What you see is the yardstick.’

Adedolapo @theboyfeso says: ‘You are Fantastically Corrupt, your moral debauchery is an index and your flamboyant misuse of tax payer’s money his criterion.’

‘Dino boy and Oga Buko are poster boys of a fantastically corrupt Nation. These are Cameron's yardsticks and Indices,’ writes Ogochuwu @ogochukwuchari1.


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