Though, happiness may be defined as good fortune joined to virtue or as independent, or as a life that is both agreeable and secure or as a plenty of property and slaves with the capacity to get more; and if these words are best to describe happiness, then the man about town; a Politician, Business Magnate, Founder DINO Hotel, Philanthropist, and Visionary Leader, Rotimi Ajanaku, shouldn't be exceptional to have acquired an exotic wonder on land auto, a Land Cruiser autobiography, a 2019 Edition that is worth several millions of Naira to himself. Rotimi Ajanaku is a jolly-good-fellow. And those who are thinking of his political downfall must have a rethink because Otunba Rotimi Ajanaku has bounced back like a lion that little animals can dare. Rotimi Ajanaku has come back like a king in big force, and his enemies and contemporaries are running over themselves to checkmate him, which they cannot do! your social media marketing partner

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