Tuesday, Jan 2021
Her name and brand may not have started ringing reverberating bells yet, but those who have had one or two things to do with her in her line of business will readily tell you that this lady is headed for the tops in her chosen career.
Ever since she launched her fashion label late last year, vivacious, beautiful, charming and extremely industrious Ronke Somefun of the high-flying SMR and Dave Couture fashion outfit, visibly and auspiciously located on upscale Magodo, Isheri, Lagos State, has not looked back, as she has relentlessly continued to add more verve, vigour and edge to her vast-improving business enterprise, and is not yet done, until she comfortably prides herself and outfit in the super league of notable fashion designers like Deola Sagoe, April by Kunbi, NHN and the likes, who invariably are the people she individually and severally looks up to. ‘I love their styles and their unique distinctions and definitive statements in the industry.’ It might interest you to know that simply gorgeous Ronke, did not find herself in the world of fashion by accident. It’s the culmination of a passion she has long had since she was in school as a student of University of Lagos, where she graduated in flying colours in 2009 with a degree in Creative Arts-cum-Visual Arts, majoring in Textile Designs. Of course, she had to hone up her skill in fashion designing to meet up with the profession, by attending a fashion school shortly after graduating from the university. She has now taken her upwardly mobile business to the high-octane social circuit, where she now features prominently.
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