In the real estate management sector, one name you cannot simply ignore is the UK-based company, AA Property Services, a real estate development company with a large portfolio of luxury homes and apartments on the Island.

AA Property Services is reputed for its high quality finishing where intelligent design meets aesthetics to create the perfect backdrop for the modern lifestyle. Owned by very enterprising and innovative Abdul Atta, the firm has continuously and systematically shaped new concepts, with focus on design excellence, space, and superb build quality at affordable prices, both in the country and the Queensland.  Abdul Atta is a Prince from the Royal Atta family of Okene, Kogi State, Nigeria, and his enduring passion for real estate has resulted in a successful 30-year career, spanning construction, management and agency service. His thriving real estate and property management company, AA Property Services UK, has been registered with (association) agency for over 30 years. Mr. Atta acts for his clients in many capacities, especially as a trusted adviser and consultant in property matters. Focus-driven Atta’s general business involves the acquisition of properties, properly management for landlords, sourcing finance to acquire properties, providing accommodation needs for long and short stays, as well as problem solving for clients. Mr. Atta’s company thrives on providing a bespoke service to clients who require their needs to be well understood, and followed through with customer care. He is a man of integrity and good standing in the community and has received a good citizen award from the (Metropolitan Police Superintendent’s Commendation.) When asked what his secret to success is, his reply is simply, “trust, confidentiality and integrity are my three pillars that will not be compromise. One should never allow money to becloud one’s view.” He is a genuine example for all Nigerians. your social media marketing partner