It’s another celebration time for this man of unquantifiable business acumen and entrepreneurship par excellence, Alhaji Aliko Dangote, President, Dangote Group.

The Kano-born billionaire industrialist and philanthropist turned 62 last Wednesday, April 10, and even though there wasn’t much celebration in the air, it didn’t stop many of his friends, staff and allied organizations to turn in a barrage of congratulatory messages in the media for the man who has made a remarkable and distinctive success in all his endeavours as a businessman without cutting corners. Leading the list of top Nigerian celebrities who sent birthday messages to Africa’s richest man was his bosom friend and business associate of many years, Femi Otedola, whose business synergy with Dangote knows no bounds. His staff and various bodies who have benefitted from his fountain of generosity, philanthropy and kindness were also not left behind in their showers of encomium on the numero uno business colossus in Africa. No doubt, there is an overwhelming empirical evidence of the brilliance and excellence in business leadership and uncommon philanthropy always amply demonstrated by Alhaji Dangote, he still remains his usual self, trudging ahead in his commitment to making life better for all through his many investments. From cradle to his looming presence and leadership in African entrepreneurship, Dangote has surpassed global imagination and recognition. In fact, in Africa and the Black race, the Kano-born billionaire, who is affable and media-shy dwarfs all superlatives, and indeed deserves all the accolades that came his way when he turned 62 days back. your social media marketing partner