The two are known as experimental corporate marketing officers but many will not believe that they are in sync. Charles Aigbe and Ramon Nasir have been in the industry, but they have lofty heights in attainment as far as making their organization to move forward.

Charles Aigbe is reputed to have handled many organizational corporate promotions for many companies, he was working for those companies and he is still doing it for UBA where he operates excellently. In the same vein, Raman Nasir equally serves as a good hand in the corporate communication world, he is not doing less.

As a well-tutored corporate man, Ramon has a vast background to cushion his corporate profile and he has not been denied of his ingenuity. This is why the two cannot be removed from the corporate communication world and this is not to celebrate them but to further push them to do what they know how to do best. They have impeccable profiles which from all indications cannot be contested and this is what is working for them.

The two are eminently qualified professionally, academically and they have not disappointed their brand in no small measure. Let Statuary Leisure tell you that Charles and Ramon are taking UBA to a newer level that cannot be imagined. They work hand in hand to make UBA a superior bank in the banking industry and this is why they remain a very good duo and UBA is enjoying them. Though the year coming in is not so certain about the corporate world, but Charles and Ramon are hell-bent on moving UBA forward as the leader of the pack. your social media marketing partner