He ranks prominently on the super upper rung of Nigeria’s elite ladder of successful and wealthy businessmen in Nigeria.

Chief Remi Makanjuola, amiable Chairman of Caverton Group is a man of immeasurable legitimate means that have spanned years without any trace of sharp practices in all his dealings and business endeavours. What is however being graciously added to his impeccable life of fame, power and fortune is his latest quiet entry into the elite league of septuagenarians. The patently self-effacing businessman clocked solid 70 years days back and there has been so much joy and excitement in and around his home and work place, all pointing to one fact that he is well-loved and admired. Though not one to throw gaudy parties, Chief Makanjuola is being pressured to shed his conservative and low profile toga for once, and roll out the drums to mark this landmark/milestone age. After all, how many mortals live to see that age these days? The emissaries are still hard at work on their pressures on him, and feelers are indicating that the unassumingly quiet man is softening his hard stance and grudgingly nodding to the idea of throwing a big birthday bash. Even with his probable insistence of staging a big party, and since he won’t turn 70 twice, his immediate family, friends, associates and members of staff are already mooting a surprise birthday party to celebrate a man that is perpetually at peace with himself and humanity. Very industrious and enterprising Chief Makanjuola has so much to be thankful to God for; a good health, a great family cum successful kids (one of whom is Niyi, the brain behind  Visionscape company in charge of cleaning Lagos) and thriving enterprises including Caverton Helicopters, established in September 2002 as a charter, shuttle and maintenance company.

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