In more developed climes, drugs and substances that have high risk of addiction and dependency are typically controlled by pharmaceutical companies/point of sale outlets by having log books to manage how much of it is being dispensed.

Now, I doubt if we have such systems in place in any of our establishments producing and handling such substances. Having said that, the pharmaceutical companies, Ministry of Health and NAFDAC are not absolved of the responsibility to educate the public on the pros and cons of substance abuse instead of advertising sealing-off of companies, burning the drugs and arresting people. Codeine on its own is not dangerous. It has its medical usefulness and it should be treated as such. What is dangerous is the abuse of it.

There are many people out there who need codeine for the relief of their cough and other ailments. Robbing them of it because of those who abuse it is also an abuse.

Yes! You're denying them of good health care because of the sins of others. The Nigerian government and all agencies should work against banning of this substance and work on regulations and awareness. This would address it rather that resorting to fire brigade approach. your social media marketing partner