The banking industry in Nigeria is replete with very articulate, officious and industrious women, most of whom are holding plum positions in their respective offices, and they are not disappointing those who put them there.

One of these enterprising and very formidable banking amazons is upwardly mobile and very diligent is Olubusola Osilaja, who is the incumbent Corporate Communications Officer at people’s bank Access Bank Plc. With a rare corporate mien and ingenuity, Olubusola, indeed is a combination of brain, brawn and beauty and she is successfully combining all these together, albeit silently and discreetly, to make a statement for the female gender in the volatile banking industry and she still remains committed and focused in her avowed mission to take Access Bank to the next higher level. Olubusola takes a seat at the zenith of command in the competitive communication industry, where skills are highly required. Despite her silent and reserved personality, she remains one among few, most highly respected senior managers in the corporate communications field. Although, not many can lay claim to have suffice knowledge or data on the woman who silently sits atop the shadow of his junior staff. Meanwhile she's their model for many reasons, and the junior staff are always complementing, her but cute and unassuming Olubusola is one to be recommended for future offices in the communication world. For the record, Osilaja has an impressive career profile in the banking industry from a very low cadre, 14 years ago, and has risen steadily to the present position, where she has been pulling all the strings to take her employer’s concern to the peak. your social media marketing partner

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