Great leaders inspire their people to reach higher, dream bigger, and achieve great. Perhaps, the most important leadership skill you can develop is the ability to provide inspiration to your team.

If you inspire them to reach for the stars, they just might bring you back to the moon, but this simple principle is not the aura of the youthful and impressionable Ganiyu Egunjobi, the occupant of the number one seat at Agege LG of Lagos State. Though, in the area of politics, some can be very definite by way of giving back to their constituents, and Ganiyu Egunjobi doesn’t think it twice to make himself available to the people, and even his traducers in his party, APC, have been wagging mouths that he is not giving them part of his perks of office in his leadership status. The executive chairman of the council, Hon. Egunjobi is also being touted to be living a prodigal life because his emergence was on a platter of gold, and someone who doesn’t appreciate or being grateful to be the anointed candidate of the Agege political dictator. Egunjobi may be a greenhorn in politics, but he was quick to forget that great leaders inspire their people to reach greater heights, and inspire them to reach for the stars and so they could bring back the moon to him, but his political godfather, who has been one of the notable decision makers and political titans in the volatile politics of Agege for many years, the speaker of LSHA, Mudashiru Obasa, will not allow one of his Men-Fridays to be trapped in the storm of politics over inadequate exposure or garnered experience to play the game. your social media marketing partner