Herbert Wigwe, at first glance, comes to you like a privileged and wealthy dude whose heart is laced with royal courage, but a close encounter with the sensational bank chief will surprise you about his down-to-earth and humility. Herbert is a man that many know as a person to borrow from but not full enough to lend; something uncommon among his ilk. The difference he is making in the lives of the younger generation with his gigantic and fast-growing HOW Foundation is now his uniqueness.Herbert Onyewumbu Wigwe is the MD/CEO of a fast-rising financial institution, Access Bank. He commands the awe of many of his peers and admirers in the nation’s socio-political and business sectors. Although he has every reason to shake his garment like the branches of the teak in spring and let his joy glow like the fireflies that light up the fields and quiet meadows, but Herbert Wigwe is celebrating quietly. He was 51 days back and he marked the day without any pomp but chose to show his philanthropic side through his NGO. After all, even for his landmark 50th birthday last year, the society did not quake in celebration of a high-achieving young man. It is his style. He wears his badge of temperance and humility in the shape of a subtly hued bowtie thus affirming that he is a gentleman. The seasons pass but Herbert remains grand, he has blossomed into a man of affluence and integrity. Fifty-one years may be a tiny fraction of the time, yet the miracle-working banker looms large across generations into eternity.
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