Those who think that the vicissitudes and political storm her husband has been swimming in the past few months will be stunned by this woman's refusal to shift her mien in the face of all obstacles confronting her husband; Senate President; Olubukola Saraki.

Many women in her shoes would have easily caved in considering the magnitude of the various allegations leveled against her husband. The delectable Toyin Saraki has maintained an unyielding calmness and stoic approach to issues. Toyin has been going about her normal life and is unperturbed, still appearing at functions and social events with all her enablement as if her husband's ordeal and travails as if all is normal. This woman of many substance; Toyin Ojora-Saraki a healthcare philanthropist and the founder-president of wellbeing foundation is indeed an example of a woman with big heart. your social media marketing partner