This is the biggest news coming out of the cauldron in recent time about the reckless spender in town.

Social media celebrity, Ray, who is simply known as Hush-Puppi, may have unwillingly danced into the dragnet of the nation’s anti-graft agency, Economic and Financial crime Agency (EFCC), with his flamboyant lifestyle that has got so many people talking. Why his case became so interesting to many is because no one heard much about Hush-Puppi until not too long ago when he sauntered into our consciousness, with the way he was flaunting his questionable wealth on the social media and spending heavily on drinks and women that regularly ran into millions of naira every night he visited nightclubs. On a particular night, he spent an astounding eleven million naira (N11,000,000.00), in one fell swoop, and even had the effrontery to post the receipt on-line, as if it’s a novel medal to be displayed. Many people who saw the profligate spending got into a heated debate, with some backing his wild spending ways and others who are more in number condemning his unnecessary show-off. What however got the Ibrahim Magu-led agency interested in the chap was when petitions upon petitions started arriving at the doorstep of EFCC from people who feel he has no visible means of income, except the fact that he came from an Asian state of Malaysia, where he was rumoured to have made millions of foreign currency that is tagged to have been illegally-gotten. Hush-Puppi has become more like a magician with the popular slogan ‘the more you look, the less you see’, because he has no known family, be it parents, brother, sister, uncle, aunt or relation that have money or known business addresses, yet he spends as if money is going out of circulation. According to our source who works with EFCC,, the issue of the recently arrested kidnap kingpin, Evans, may have been the reason majority of the people that wrote the petitions did. They are apprehensive of the fact that Hush-Puppi may be dwelling in a big crime that affects many lives, hence the need for them to seek EFCC to run a check on him. Hopefully, in a matter of weeks, the top designer-loving dude may be a good tenant of EFCC, where he’ll wax an album on how he came about his sudden wealth, without being a relation of Dasuki, Dangote or Indimi. your social media marketing partner