For those who know debonair Tunde Ayeni as a man-about town would find it strangely enough to believe his new status which has now kept people guessing why choose to be living a lonely lifestyle.

The erstwhile foremost banker, Vice Chairman Natcom and topmost member of Ibadan Disco was in the eye of the storm in recent past over certain malpractices and misdemeanor in the banking industry which he is grappling with in the court of law, suddenly went underground and no longer visible unlike before when he used to be a regular fixture at most social, business and public functions displaying his affluent status, without minding whose ox is gored. The unassuming Ayeni now appears wiser in way he goes about in dealings that have to do with money. This is however against all speculations that Tunde’s deep pocket is somehow punctured as events have shown that he no longer spend lavishly; but this is not true, because those who are close to him refuse to accept that he is running down. They claimed that he still has a big fountain of stupendous means to draw from, given his diverse interests in other viable ventures which are still raking in good money for him on a daily basis. But Tunde Ayeni has decided to the life of an averagely rich Nigerian who just wants to have basic necessities of life without flaunting them. This is what is making many to cast a doubt on his newly adopted low lifestyle. your social media marketing partner