Nigerian politicians will never cease to amaze pundits, given their inordinate ambition to grab any opportunity that opens up. Though the unfortunate death of federal lawmaker and grassroots politician, honourable (Dr.) Elijah Olu Adewale, popularly known as JAH, may have thrust up an interesting jostling for the now vacant seat of the Ifako/Ijaiye/Ojokoro Federal constituency in the lower house of the National Assembly.

At the moment, the Federal House of Reps seat is hotly contested for by a number of politicians in the constituency, and this is coming barely days after the burial of JAH. But one of the jostlers for this exalted seat, whose ambition albeit inordinate is not going down well with constituents is Hon. Saka Dayo Fafunmi, who is presently a third consecutive term member of the Lagos State House of Assembly, LSHA for the same constituency.

The talk of town is about the tall dream of Hon. Saka Fafunmi, who is yet to complete his third unthreatened term at the LSHA, yet already angling for the coveted NASS seat, which was unfortunately made vacant by the sad exit of JAH, but those who are privy to the political development in the constituency, are now crying foul of Fafunmi’s silent scheming to vie for this office, despite the clean slate he has been enjoying at the LSHA for the past 10years and more to come.

Meanwhile, their take on Fafunmi’s alleged quest is not far from overzealousness, inordinate ambition, over confident and a seeming tall dream. Though Saka Fafunmi is a man who has been having an unfettered ride in the LSHA with good result to show for it, even though debatable; the plausible action for him at the moment is to atleast complete his third term at the LSHA in 2019 and if by then he wishes to move higher in his political career, then the gates are wide open for him.

Spearheads of thoughts and opinions in this constituency are of the candid view that Fafunmi, by all considerations, shouldn’t have use the unfortunate demise of JAH to launch his aspiration for the Federal House Reps slot, was he wishing JAH’s death? Is he the only one in the constituency at this critical time to eye that office, sadly made vacant by JAH’s death? Does he even think the party, APC, can afford two bye-elections at this critical time? Given the fact that his shot at the higher office will definitely leave his present post vacant; and hence another bye-election to fill the post; even when the constitution allows for such inadequacies and inappropriateness. These and many more puzzles have been trailing the ‘kuru-kere’ moves of Hon. Saka Fafunmi, since his ‘clandestine’ move to occupy JAH’s seat.

 Meanwhile, other equally well-positioned aspirations for the coveted seat are not favourably disposed to Fafunmi’s incursion into the race, believing he is already enjoying enough perks from his political office. your social media marketing partner