Friday, Jan 2021

Lagos State Deputy Governor, Dr. Idiat Oluranti Adebule has urged parents irrespective of their socio-economic condition to prioritize the education of their children to secure a better future for their family and the country at large.

Speaking at the 9th Hijrah Annual Lecture organised by the Lagos State House of Assembly yesterday, the Deputy Governor stated that, education remains the only weapon that can be used to curb youth’s unrest, insurgency, violence and other anti-social vices that can undermine developmental growth of a nation.
She affirmed that, education remain the only solution that can help a country to fight ignorance, develop its human capacity and attain greater development that can stand it out among other developed countries of the world.
While commending the organisers for their foresight in educating the public especially youths about good character, peaceful conduct and kindness towards mankind, the Deputy Governor called on parents not to allow their personal engagements disturb the education of their children but rather combine moral and civic education with western education while bringing up their children to give them a rewarding future.
She urged Muslims to emulate the late Prophet Muhammed in their relationship with both Muslim and non-Muslim members of the society.
She noted that, most people during the time of the prophet embraced Islam because of his good behaviour and kindness towards everybody irrespective of their religion or tribe.
She advised Muslims to always demonstrate good attributes of tolerance, honesty, mutual love, peaceful conduct and above all fear of the Almighty Allah while relating with their fellow human beings.
She appealed to the Muslim clerics and leaders of various Islamic Organisations to help educate their members on the need to support the State Government in its effort at creating a cleaner and epidemic free environment by participating actively in the monthly environmental sanitation exercise put in place by the government.
The Deputy Governor decried the situation where some residents who should be at homes cleaning their surroundings would be moving freely during sanitation hours in total disregard to the State Environmental Sanitation Laws.
Adebule also urged the clerics to always include it in their sermons the need for their followers to obey sanitation laws and imbibe cleanliness.
She stressed that, the money government would have wasted in fighting possible out breaks of epidemics as a result of bad environment could be channelled to infrastructural development that could promote the growth of the society.
She assured that, the administration of Akinwunmi Ambode will not relent in fulfilling its campaign promises   on urban renewal and sustainable infrastructure development, urging people to continue to live together in peace as ever and that little or nothing can be achieved when there is chaos and general unrest.
Earlier, the Director of Development Initiative of West Africa (DIWA) Ustadh, Muhammed Nurudeen Lemu in his lecture, explained that Islam as a religion stands on four good principles which include; justice, compassion, wisdom and goodness to mankind.
He charged Muslims to always be conscious of the need to uphold justice on every matter and shun any act that could promote injustice, selective judgement and hatred in all their life undertakings.
While commending the State government for organising a programme that brings people from different backgrounds together to celebrate Hijrah, the scholar called on politicians in the country to always fear Allah in their policy formulation especially on issues that concern the less privileged members of the society.
He reminded all that, everyone will surely stand before Allah one day to give accounts of his or her deeds and urged them to stand for justice at all times.

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