Saturday, Jul 2021

Like the proverbial suitor whose wife is on the way to the altar on wedding day but keeps peeping through the windows to check whether the woman has arrived or not, the PDP, apparently bereft of something better to do, is feigning impatience. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, the bride will certainly be with him.

It goes without saying that highly qualified and competent men and women will be appointed as commissioners by HE Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu. 

However, we need to remind the PDP that the Constitution is very clear about the issue of Cabinet. There is nowhere in the Constitution where a time frame is stipulated for State Chief Executives on the composition of Cabinet so the PDP needs some tutorials on not only party politics but Government itself. If the party had done its due diligence by first consulting the Constitution, it would not have issued a statement demanding that the Governor hurriedly announces his cabinet members.

The PDP needs to also be reminded that the Governor had said it countless times during the electioneering that he would put in place a high quality cabinet composed of tested men and women who will join him to drive his vision of delivering a greater Lagos to all the citizens of the State.

The PDP should therefore busy itself with more important issues that bother on social and economic development of our people.


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