Friday, Jan 2021

An All Progressives Congress, APC, Lagos State House of Assembly aspirant from Surulere Constituency 2, Hon. Quadri Onikeku has said that the direct primaries adopted by his party to pick its candidates for the 2019 elections is a blessing in disguise for him.

Onikeku spoke at a press conference in Alausa yesterday while disclosing his intention to run and unveiled plans for his constituency if elected. He said, "direct primaries is in favour of people like me, because when you talk of indirect primaries or the delegate system a lot of money is involved and where do I get such money, but direct primaries, it means your work will speak for you."

According to him, ‘’the people that will decide in the direct primaries are people within the local government area ‘that know me one on one,’ I am going to enjoy that relationship that I have built over time with them because I may not have money to give to them. They know me, I was born in the Locla Government, I schooled there, I am a grassroots man, a mobilizer, I have always been around them and I have been in politics since 2003; and I have served in various capacities both as councilor, Public Relations Officer of the party in the LGA congress in 2003, Personal Assistant to first former Deputy Majority Leader and Chief Whip of the Lagos State House of Assembly from 2003 to 2008. I have also worked as Chief Whip of the Coker/Aguda LCDA from 2008-2011 and re-elected as a councilor from 2011-2014, Special Adviser on Works and Infrastructure to the LG chairman and other sundry political appointments, so the direct primaries are in my favour, they all know me," he maintained.

Speaking on his plans if elected, the youthful aspirant, whose campaign slogan is 'Game Changer 2019' said he is going to, through lobbying and persuasion resolve among other things the problem of potable water, absence of at least a secondary school in Itire Ikate and the worrisome roads in the constituency. "I am going to give my people responsible and responsive representation, legislate for better welfare condition, job creation, youth and women empowerment, safe, clean and secure Lagos, look into the yearnings and aspirations of our people amongst others."

Speaking on his chances at the primaries since he has two other aspirants to contend with, including the incumbent member, Onikeku maintained that “the aspirants are simply opportunists who capitalized on the division in the party in 2015 to emerge as candidates and eventually losing to the PDP candidate who had since defected to APC, but her impact has not been felt in the constituency in the past three and half years, her representation has not benefitted the constituency or constituents in any way, as we have been denied even slots for employment from the MDAs because of her lack of concern, in fact she is not in touch with the people, while the other aspirant who was APC candidate in 2015 is not really a serious politician, a factor that made him lose to the PDP candidate in 2015.’’

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