Many concerned citizen of the country, majorly the Akwa Ibomites have been wondering and asking for reasons why the MD of the NDDC, H.E.Obong Nsima Ekere, is so discussed, debated, analyzed?

Some other person sought to know why he is so maliciously and viciously attacked, envied and begrudged by agents of the PDP government in the state. At the just concluded APC National Convention, a delegate from one of the states in the South South asked me the former Deputy governor of the state is so embraced, loved and preferred by the people of the for the governorship of the state come 2019. Within the APC, he's being seen as the sure bet and the real contender for the governorship of the party. He is the only person who has what it takes to bulldoze and wrestle power from the incumbent governor. Any other governorship aspirant in the party is rightly being seen by party members as a pretender. PDP operatives in the state know that with him as the governorship candidate of the APC in the poll, they will be floored. So, they are scared-stiff of facing him in the election. In this piece, we'll look at those things that make him so thick and trending in the politics of the state. In the first place, as the MD of the NDDC, he has demonstrated passion and zeal for the development of the state. He's brought so many life-touching projects to the state, despite the shenanigans of the PDP government in the state. He has demonstrated capacity and excellence. He has demonstrated ideas and innovations. He has reformed the Commission to the admiration of every progressive-minded Niger Deltan. At least, no project awarded by the Commission under his watch is abandoned or shabbily executed. All over the region, he is being admired and celebrated. It's, therefore,the belief and conclusion of many informed people in the state that given the opportunity to govern the state, he will turn things around in the state. Some well informed analysts have analyzed, compared and contrasted performance of Obong Nsima Ekere as the helmsman of the NDDC and that of Udom Emmanuel as the governor of the state. While the governor is being dismissed as a failed project, not having any appreciable project to show for the hundreds of billions of naira accrued to the state since 2015 when he was rigged to power by the PDP rigging machineries. On the other hand, Nsima Ekere is being celebrated for the many projects the NDDC under his management has undertaken in the state. Flowing from the facts stated above, it can be safely concluded that his star and excellent performance at NDDC is what makes him thick, popular and preferred by the people of the state for the governorship of the state come 2019 and that's the main reason he is being maliciously and viciously attacked by the PDP operatives in the state but the more they fabricate and churn out lies against him, the more popular he becomes and the more he is being admired and preferred by the people of the state. Unlike the present governor who didn't know anybody in the state prior to 2015, over the years, Nsima Ekere has been building and sustaining relationships with different classes of people in the state. In fact, there's no ward in that he doesn't have political course mates, classmates or playmates. He's well connected with the grassroots. As an apostle of politics of ideas and issues, he has developed a clear cut plan for the rapid and even development of every part of the state, part of which, is what he is carrying out at NDDC. your social media marketing partner

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