He bestrides the Agege political terrain likecolossus, and he has remained relevant and active in the scheme of things for years without relenting.

This is despite his many failed shots and attempts at the chairmanship seat of the local government. At least on two occasions, he has signified interest in the different elective seats; only to be schemed out of the race toward the primaries still he remains undaunted and unyielding in his steadfast support for the party right from the ACN days to the present merged party, APC. What is however giving many a concern is why he has refused to be unbowed in his generous and financial backing for his party, even when he has no visible political stake. As a deep pocket politician, he has shown on many occasions that he is not a do-or-die politician who will stop at nothing to achieve his aim of clinching political office. The way and manner he provided financial muscle during the last concluded local government election, especially in his political base, Agege, are very symbolic of a committed party man. This is however may not be too far from the fact that given his financial support for the party at all times, he may be compensated with a top post in the incoming administration of the newly-elected chairman, all things being equal. There were snippets that he was being assured of the council vice-chairmanship at the initial stage when he gallantly stepped down for the now incumbent chair before the election, only for another greenhorn politician, Ogunji Abiodun Dare, in the LG to surface as the running mate of Egunjobi. How the table turned against him in this regard is still a contentious in the LG area, but Osolana still kept his calm. Then from the winds, another unsubstantiated rumour sprang out that he might be given the Council Secretary slot, but this is also conjectural in a way, as politics being a game of surprises, may not favour him for the council secretary ship. This is why many in the constituency are wondering why he is still remaining in a party that he has toiled so much for, morally and financially, without any political gain or office to show for it. The ensuing political dispensation may prove his doubting Thomases wrong about Osolana’s continuous and rigid stay in the Agege politics nay APC.

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