Wednesday, Jan 2021


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In the last few weeks, it’s been in the news about people brawling and arguing about a purported recall initiated against the garrulous Chairman, Senate Committee on FTC, Senator Dino Melaye of Kogi State, representing Kogi West. The unprecedented recall idea has since left many pundits wondering as to how the albeit comic series would end up being a laughing matter. Though many may be against the man, because of his fastidiousness and radical approach to issues of this nature, there are many others who are just interested in seeing that aspect of our constitution put to the test. But truly can a legislator, especially of Melaye’s status, be recalled? The majority answer from Nigerians is YES!, because even our constitution allows it, irrespective of whose ox is being gored; but what is the most unimaginable is whether inimitable and grandstanding Dino Melaye can be recalled, even with such impunity. This is because, Melaye is not just a senator, he is a super senator and an avowed Man-Friday and foot-soldier of the Senate President, Bukola Saraki, who is still smarting in the euphoria of his victory over the CCT assault on him. Thus, Saraki would not have any one stand in the way of even the smallest of those who stood solidly behind him during his debacle, Melaye inclusive. Again, some have averred that he will be removed by mere signatures of his constituents submitted to INEC, even as the constitution of the country guarantees that, but it will take more that to unseat such a man, who with time, has proven to be unbowed and undaunted to the many political turbulences that have come his way. A mere threat of recall, even when pursued to a logical conclusion, will remain a mirage. The Nigerian political clime will only be put to test to run a full course of recalling a political office holder, which will only be received a vox populi vox dei.
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