Senator Musliu Obanikoro, like a cat with nine lives, who has been confronted with much travail as a politician and overcame all, perhaps because of his sagacity and niche for political dexterity. But the former Nigerian Ambassador to Ghana with a ministerial appointment in tow; has remained unapologetically undaunted to the many adversities that have trailed him in recent past since he left his plum post as the minister of state for defense. It thus came as no surprise to many pundits weeks back when speculations began to make the rounds that the garrulous ‘Koro was making subtle moves in the direction of a popular rival political party; a speculation which ‘Koro, in his usual political chess-game antics, has neither denied nor confirmed. But those who know the Lagos-born political titan, ‘Koro well, will readily tell you that he is one that rarely makes his game plan known in advance as he normally keeps it to his chest until the die is cast. The former Lagos Island LG Boss, former Commissioner for Culture and Tourism; former Nigerian Ambassador to Ghana and former Minister of State for Defense, Senator Musilu Obanikoro is a dreamer who has multiple ideas; but still keeps his big dream for Lagos State very close to his heart and he would want to achieve it with a great passion as a precious desire. your social media marketing partner