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Epic Finale of MTV Shuga Naija Season 5 Out on YouTube

Epic Finale of MTV Shuga Naija Season 5 Out on YouTube

16 July, 2023

In Episode 7 of MTV Shuga Naija Season 5, tensions rose asMiss Sheila reveals a shocking truth: Y-Hub faces financial crisis and imminent closure. Against all odds, she secures sponsors, but their impression sours when they witnessWasiu and Nasir fighting over Simi. Meanwhile, Nanya keeps her supposed pregnancy a secret from Moh and Tolu, adding to the mounting tension. 

Moh finds herself caught in a web of trouble when her parents insist on her marriage to their landlord, Sopuru. Despite her reluctance, she prepares for the wedding. However, a surprising occurs when Moh's mother intervenes, whisking her away from the ceremony to participate in the NITECH competition. 

As we approach the season finale, brace yourself for intensified drama and explosive moments. The women of Y-Hub confront their fears and take control of their relationships. Haalel stunts everyone by publicly announcing a dramatic breakup leaving a devastated Praise. Simi, too, must summon her courage and apologise to Nasir, who makes an unexpected decision about their relationship. 

As hope slips through Miss Sheila's fingers, she delivers the devastating news of Y-Hub's impending closure to the community. Meanwhile, Nanya and Tolu face the consequences of their pregnancy revelation at Kuramo High School, and the outcome shocks them to the core. 


On another front, Sopuru accompanies Moh back from the competition and receives surprising news that triggers a devastating reaction. However, the news Moh shares sets off a chain of events with dire consequences for her family, as Sopuru retaliates with a spiteful decision. 


With anxiety gripping their lives and unexpected twists unfolding, your favourite characters in Shuga Naija navigate a rollercoaster of emotions ranging from joy to regret and despair. Season 5 concludes with a brilliant, well-written episode that will leave you on the edge of your seat. Want to know how it all ends? Tune in to the MTV Shuga YouTubechannel for the Season’s Finale on 12th July 2023 at 9:00 pm.