A movie that celebrates the bravery and sacrifices of the Nigerian armed forces and the pains of their loved ones has been put in motion pictures.

The movie entitled, ‘A Soldier’s Story’ is one every Nigerian would love to watch as it exemplifies the heroism of our military men, their challenges and what their loved ones face anytime they go to the battlefield not knowing whether they will return or not.
Written and directed by Frankie Ogar, A Soldier’s Story will make you go emotional and feel the pains of wounded persons and soldiers of war. With good and precise special effects crafted by Hakeem Onilogbo, the movie with a great suspense will keep viewers glued to their seats.
The thriller was premiered by V+O Communications at Genesis Cinema, City Mall Onikan Lagos, for media viewing and opinion buzz.
‘A Soldier’s Story’ is a love story of a military man, which also highlighted military call of duty, life and death and the risk, with their passion to protect their nation.
Speaking at a media screening, Frankie Ogar, who doubles as the executive producer and the director of photography of the movie said it was motivated by the need to celebrate the Nigerian army and military in these times of battle against insurgency. He said the former chief of army staff was notified about the movie and he supported it.
The movie which premieres October 23 parades a wonderful cast. They include Tope Tedela, AMVCA 2014 Best Actor, Linda Ejiofor, AMVCA 2015 Best Supporting Actress, promising Daniel K. Daniel and the beautiful and talented Adesua Etomi. Others that gave the movie its real-life role interpretations are model turned actress and Ebony-Life TV programme host, Zainab Balogun, Olumide Oworu, Classic FM On-Air Personality, Chico Aligwekwe, Sambasa Nzeribe, Baaj Adebule and Elsie Eluwa.

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