The first-ever indigenous reality TV show created around hymns, praise and worship songs, Hymnodia, is set to enter its much-anticipated Season 2 amidst rave expectations.

Disclosing this to a cross-section of the media last week was Mr. Kufre Ekanem, the Managing Director of Philosophille Limited and Executive Producer of Hymnodia, officially announced the plans for the second season of Hymnodia, which he succinctly described as ‘the art of worship, unarguably the most wholesome reality show on television.’

In his words, ‘the Hymnstitute will re-open on Sunday, February 23, 2020, for the second season of Hymnodia. 14 prospective hymntestants have been invited to the admissions day on Sunday. However, there is always a twist with Hymnodia. Which of them will make it onto the season proper? We invite you to be witnesses to this on Sunday. The television broadcast of Season 2 will be on your screens every Sunday and Wednesday from March 1, 2020. Our concert of Hymns, the Hymncert, which serves as the grand finale of Hymnodia 2020 will hold on Thursday, May 7 or 14 (depending on which location wins the nod of the faculty to host the finale.) The ultimate winner of Hymnodia 2020 will win the ASAPH, our proprietary trophy named after King David’s choirmaster and co-writer of the Psalms from the Bible. The ASAPH was designed here in Nigeria, finished in Spain and manufactured in China. It is symbolic of all that Hymnodia stands for worship, singing, hymns, edification, education, and wholesome entertainment. Only one is given out each year. In addition to the ASAPH, the winner gets a brand-new car and the sum of N5million cash.’

Speaking further on the innovative idea, Ekanem said, the great thing about Hymnodia is that it is not a franchise, but a home-grown culture impacting creative expression, thought out and created over a 10-year the period right here in Nigeria, yet as indigenous as it is, Hymnodia is world-class and complete, such that viewers can benchmark it against the very best in the world and see where it eminently stands.

Hymnodia is a wholesome reality-type multi-prong program revolving around members of a world-class choir of Nigerians who contest for the status of best hymnodists while collaborating to render soul-lifting renditions as a choir. Hymnodia is designed to refocus the audience and society in celebrating the almost forgotten art and value of hymn-writing and renditions in diverse forms.

‘We promised that Hymnodia will be entertaining, educative and edifying, the Triple-E promise. Today, we look back at the beginning as we prepare to launch out with a new season on thehymntastic journey,’ said the very confident Ekanem of Hymnodia Season 2.

In retrospect, Ekanem said since inception, Hymnodia has become endorsed by the Royal School of Church Music, Nigeria, the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria and now, the Christian Association of Nigeria. In December, the amazing Hymnodia Choir had the pride of opening the annual Ovation Christmas Carol and we were honoured that our Hymntestants were selected to sing at the Aso Villa Christmas Praise Concert and Carol for 2019. We have over 200 videos on our well-followed YouTube channel and the list goes on and on. It has been really fulfilling. your social media marketing partner