She is a very frank and entertaining woman, who will say it as it is. Uche Ogbodo is a lady a man can take to Mama as a hubby-to-be, but she has not been this lucky as a betrothed. The mother of one talked about her love life, career, gender equality and her type of man in a recent interview.
She opened up on her last failed relationship and why it hit the rocks. She even talked about her love life, career, gender equality and her type of man. She spoke in parenthesis:
"You know, I wasn’t married. I was just engaged but the media attacked me as a married woman. But in the relationship I had, there was no abuse.
Well, there would have been abuse because there are different kinds of abuse like I do say, but it doesn’t have to be physical. If I am allowed to say that lying and deceit are a form of abuse then I will tag it psychological abuse. He was messing with my head; all the depression that came with it makes it an abuse. So yes, I think he was probably abusive because I wasn’t concentrating, I didn’t know what I was doing."
"The breaking point was when I found out that he was never going to be different from who he was. "He was not ready to make amends. Of course, I knew about his flaws despite the fact that he was lying to cover up some things.
But I was ready to patch things up with him if he was ready to change. You see, I have worked so hard and I didn’t want to go down. I knew this because I was strong. I could push but he wasn’t ready."
Ogbodo also says she is not giving love another chance. "I don’t even know what love is.
I don’t even know if love is real. I can feel it but I don’t know if it is real." "I’m better now. Believe me, I’m at a better place than I was some years ago. I was numb for a long time but I am healing gradually.
I am not fully healed, but I’m healing because the experience was bad. I’m not somebody that talks too much about my downfalls and failures. But right now, I’m scared; I’m very scared."
My Man:
On what she is looking for in a man, "A man that loves me should support what I am doing. I am not materialistic, I just need a strong base and I need someone who can push me to achieve my dreams. Let’s push each other, and don’t just throw me out there and you are moving, because I want to move too.You are a man, I want to be successful and you want to be successful too, so let us be successful together. I need a partner, not an authority."
In 2013, the actress was secretly in a relationship with Norway-based football agent,Ato Ubby. Then, she broke up with Ubby. He could as well be the man she is talking about in this interview, who knows?.
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