One of the most played songs in clubs and on air, IF by Davido has finally gotten a remix.

The singer last month had hinted that the American R&B star, R. Kelly had gotten wind of the song and a remix could be in the offing. 

The song has finally been dropped this week and it featured the R&B star, a classy collaboration and another feather on Davido’s cap.  

The If Remix featuring R. Kelly was premiered on Wednesday, June 28, 2017. The original song was produced by the hitmaker, Tekno. 

we have absolutely no idea what the second half of 2017 holds for Davido, but we can all agree that the first half was certainly a great one for him. His decision at the beginning of the year to go "back to basics" found him dropping one of his biggest – and best –

tracks in a very long time, the addictive "If". So imagine if the original song got this wide acclaim, how will the remix be received?  

With great collabos like this and hinged on the rivalry between the singer and Wizkid, the music industry and its development is better for it. your social media marketing partner

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