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The  Management of Lagos State Signage and Advertising Agency (LASAA) has said it has become  necessary to reassure stakeholders in the outdoor advertising industry in Lagos State that they are still in charge of regulating outdoor advertising and signages in the state contrary to the spurious claim of a notable Lagos politician that Loatsad Media regulates and controls the erection of billboards and signages in Lagos.

Members of the private sector-led coalition against COVID-19 (CACOVID) has enjoined Nigerian who are involved in the wanton destruction of Public and Private properties and even looting of the warehouses where the palliatives are kept to immediately desist from such act, in order to allow the States to proceed with a peaceful and fair distribution of the palliatives to the neediest and most vulnerable in the society.

Much as the sacked Managing Director of Alpha Beta Consulting LLP, Mr. Dapo Apara, has been making efforts to shake off the dirt on his reputation since June 2018 that he was relieved of his appointment for financial recklessness, investigation into the veracity of his claims and the counter accusations by his former employer reveals that Mr. Apara actually has a case to answer since the firm has discovered financial infractions and sabotage on his part.