Hit-maker Mr. MiYAGI, also known as Lil Kesh gives reasons for not yet having any endorsement deal.

He said he is waiting patiently for a big deal and won’t settle for small crappy deals. According to Lil Kesh, “I don’t think that has got to do with me not having deals, look outside the Nigerian market, there a lot of people that say the curse words, even in the American market, don’t they get endorsement? The actual truth is you have no idea of the number of brands that have come to me for endorsement, but am just a guy that hustle for everything and will not settle for less, I won’t sign a crappy deal, I want to have an endorsement that people will celebrate, not just any how deal. A lot of people would come to you with crappy contract; I turned down a couple because it wasn’t good enough for me, when the right ones come it comes, its business”.

Keshinro Lade was born and raised in Bariga, a suburb of Lagos State started his music career in 2012 while rapping among his peers in Bariga until he released "Lyrically", a single that quickly became popular in Nigerian Universities and rose to fame after his chart-topping song titled "Shoki" rose to critical acclaim from music critics.

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