THE Producers of the sitcom, ‘OPTION 57…the hospitality and humour hub’ have released their first trailer and Behind The scene photos for the first season of their hotel-themed series.

The series, which is titled after Option 57 Hall and Suites, situated in Igando, Lagos, is produced by Seunmanuel Faleye and Seyi Oladipupo (Boanergy) for Mirror Multimedia Network (M2NET) Inc. and Boanerges Films Int’l in association with Starfaze Media Concept.

Written by Andrew Simon M. and Seunmanuel Faleye, the series explores issues peculiar to the modern day hotel and hospitality business and gives viewers a sit-back- relax and enjoy mood.

‘OPTION 57’ had struggled to carve a niche for herself, as the leading choice in the business of hospitality and hotel management in the vicinity. The management of the hotel has decided to up their ante, by making customer services optimal, instilling discipline in staffs, curbing their excesses and all the in between.

The first season is directed by Hamzat Barshan and Yemi Adegbomire your social media marketing partner

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