One of the talented and gifted gospel singers, Peter Balogun known as Aketantan has carved niche for himself among his peers in the industry. The handsome and charming singer has taken his branded style of juju music to every corridor of the South-west. He recently launched his second album titled, ‘Arugbo Ojo’ which also featured Lanre Teriba. He spoke with ADEBOLA BOLATITO. Excerpt…..

How do you feel about launching your second album?
I am happy that I am alive to witness today despite all what the enemies has done. I thank God Almighty for everything.
Can you tell us about the album?
The album is title ‘Arugbo Ojo’ and also featured Lanre Terriba aka ‘Atorise’ in one of the tracks.
What inspired the title of the album?
I listed about three titles and I asked God to direct me on the proper name that should be given to the album. To the Glory of God, He gave me that particular title.  There was even a song in the album that related to the title.
Do you have a direct communication link with God, or how do you communicate with Him?
When I go on my knees and I pray to God, He directs me.
Atorise is your mentor, how long have you been working with him?
I have not been working with him but he is a person I love very much. I started listening to his music right from when I was very young. He is my role model and mentor.
Can you tell us about your journey into gospel music?
The journey has not been easy, but I thank God for everything.
When did you start your musical career?
I started around the year 2000
What led you into gospel music?
It’s a calling and I was motivated by God that is what I can say because when you give your life to God, you will do what will contribute to the development of the kingdom of God.
Did you train under anybody or attended school of music?
No I didn’t, it was divine intervention and God is my teacher and my instructor.
Atorise is you mentor, how did you come across him?
I knew him from afar for a while but a friend and sister from another mother introduced me to him and  since then my career has been flourishing.
How do you cope with female admirers. Again you said Atorise is your mentor and he is always called play boy?
As for me, I don’t have time for ladies. I cannot say anything about Atorise, I know I have a lots of female fans but I know how to manage them.
What is your relationship with other artistes?
My relationship with everyone in the gospel music circuit is cordial; I belong to everybody and to nobody in the industry.
Are you married?
Yes, happily married with kids
When did you drop your first album titled, Aketantan?
It was released in 2011 and that name became my stage name.
What is the secret behind your stage name and how did you come about the name?
I composed a song titled Aketantan and I used the name for an harvest celebration we had in our church. Since then people have been calling me that name. Even the song I composed with the name has a very powerful message.
With your own kind of music, what do you really preach?
I preach the gospel of our lord Jesus Christ and His kingdom.
Outside music what do you do?
I am a surveyor
Can you brief us about your family and educational background?
I was brought up in Lagos; I did my primary and secondary school in Lagos before proceeding to the School of Survey in Oyo State.
So you are still combining survey with your gospel music?
Yes, I found it more convenient even with family affairs but in all I give glory to almighty God for making all things possible for me.
Why do you think gospel musicians don’t have enough patronage?
Though we don’t have buoyant financial gains from church and concerts but God have been covering that for us.
How have you been able to pay bills and keep your band for 16 years?
As I told you earlier, I am a surveyor and God has been helping us.
What is the different between gospel music and secular music?
The different is just the message we pass across to the people. As gospel singers, the message is to call for the gospel of God and His kingdom while a secular musician sings about life and general happenings of life.
Apart from music what else do you do?
Aside music; I am a professional land surveyor and that takes care of life outside music which has been paying my bills. Though, music is a passion and gift from God.
Where do you see yourself in the next five years?
In the next five, I see myself as a respected and established gospel singer and  to gain many souls into the kingdom of God and also to be a role model to many upcoming gospel singers. your social media marketing partner

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