The musical taliban, Oritsefemi is in trouble going by the illegal ownership of record label MSN Gang alleged by his former manager, Yusuf Adebola Adepitan popularly known as Danku which he said that founded and registered.

Danku who has fallen out with the Double wahala crooner, Oritsefemi has opened a can of worms on what transpired between the duos. Oritsefemi had severed his relationship with Danku and rubbished in the media as being insane and a usurper.

The showbiz promoter and manager in an exclusive interview exonerated himself of all the wrongdoings Oritsefemi accused him of. In fact, Danku said, the singer did not own the MSN gang logo that it was registered by him as MSN Entertainment.
"He is planting himself as the C.E.O and the owner of MSN Gang but I will tell you that I am not fighting with him, if truly he is the owner of MSN Gang, he should prove it. But I think I own MSN Gang and I have 100% power on MSN Gang, so MSN Gang is not a company because it is called MSN Entertainment. The trade mark of MSN Entertainer is MSN Gang logo. I can use the logo on any artiste that is under my platform, I use it for Rayce because it is my platform and it is the platform I build to promote his music when the journey began, and the issue of presenting himself as the C.E.O is a matter that will be settled very soon, because my lawyer is in charge," says Danku.

Oritsefemi's career definitely has picked up and he doesn't need all this hiccups and beefs dotted all over in the music industry now. He should perhaps retrace his steps and mend fences to him that kick started his career to prominence after managing Terry G.

Danku who says Oritsefemi is ungrateful adds, "My relationship journey with Oritsefemi might have been a fantastic working relationship journey. The musical Taliban himself  is an ingrate and he is someone that you can’t entrust anything on because he ridiculed my image, just because he want his musical associates and fans to see him like an angel. Our journey could have been beter and be the best out of all because I had a lots of plans for him and I have a bigger plan for him. I have a plan to take him even beyond what is seeing and he thought he had arrived; he has not arrived because he has nothing yet, and everything he is riding on now is still my platform".

He disclosed that Oritsefemi got between him and  Mr Allen Avatar who he introduced to Oritsefemi, Danku now manages new artistes, Rayce, Oluwaseun and Famous Okobo and does promotions for 9ice.

Disecting Orirsefemi's problem, he says, "Greediness and Yoruba call it ‘Ojukokoro’ Ole, greediness because he actually did what he did because I am the person between him and the investor. Mr. Allen, my investor knows nothing about entertainment so he actually wants me out of the business. He does not want me between him and my investors." your social media marketing partner

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