Saturday, Jun 2021

After a successful business establishment in the hair and beauty industry in Europe, Mrs. Florence Adewalethe unassuming beauty expert and the CEO of Bexclusive 2has concluded plans to open a new full-service salon at 65, Awolowo Way, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria on Tuesday, December 10, 2019.

Bexclusive 2 aims to promote a new level of professionalism in the hair and beauty industry with international standards and will surely bring to Lagos a new concept in styling and customer service with a well-trained staff to pamper you and make you feel at home.

On records, Mrs. Adewale started the beauty salon work since 1994 and her first salon flagship was in 1997 with different locations in Nigeria before relocating to do what she knows how to do best in Europe with her first salon opened in August 2012 named Braidbeyond.

The new salon Bexclusive 2 replicates the Braidbeyond standards of quality in Europe and is well furnished with furniture and hair equipment that speaks of its uniqueness and provide full line of services such as: Weave On, Tape On, Clip On, Keratin Extension, Braiding, Didi and Ghana Weaving, Step up Braiding, Dread Lock, Dread Fix and Dread Relock, Wigs, Manicure and Pedicure, Nail Design, Gel Polish and Acrylic Nails, Poly Gel Nails, Body Massage, Face Massage, Facials Treatment, Makeup and Gele, Body Cream, All type of Hair Products, High-Quality Human Hair Extension, Barbing, Dying, Sporting Waves, Women Men perfume, Ladies Makeup Powder, Mary key, Mac, Dior, Chanel and many more.

Findings revealed that Mrs. Adewale has built in Europe a reputation for excellent products and customer service through her classy beauty expertise and unique services rendered through her first class salon called Braidbeyond and she is ready to more here in Nigeria with Bexclusive 2.

According to the CEO of Bexclusive 2, she disclosed that “We are now expanding our passion for highest quality into new services in Nigeria with the grand opening of Bexclusive 2 and she would like to personally invite everyone to come and enjoy the Bexclusive 2experience”


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