Saturday, Jan 2021

In marriages, the two spouses always come from different backgrounds and foundations, but love, understanding and perseverance always make the marriage tick to stand the test of time.

Metaphorically, this could perhaps be explaining the new-found chemistry between Herbert Wigwe and Uzoma Dozie, since their two banks, Access and Diamond came together in a record-breaking merger, months back. Their ground-breaking corporate union since then has become so visibly inseparable that industry watchers are now beginning to see them euphemistically as identical twins from two different mothers.

Herbert Wigwe of Access Bank and Uzoma Dozie of Diamond Bank have become so inseparable in their bid to make the merger workable and pacesetting in the industry, pointing in the direction of a fruitful, mutual and beneficial venture at the end of the day. The two are eminently qualified professionally, academically and they have not disappointed their brand in no small measure.

Let’s quickly tell you that Herbert and Uzoma are quietly taking Access Bank to a newer level that cannot be imagined. They are directly working hand in hand to make Access a superior bank in the banking industry and this, is why they remain a very good formidable duo in the set up, and the bank is already inching steadily towards attaining this enviable status.

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