For many who may not have known, one sports-betting outfit, that has been creating waves in the business, is the fledgling PaddyPaddyBet.

Its tentacles are daily being spread across the length and breadth of Nigeria, especially in the South-West geographical region of the country. Perhaps, what played out at the last 43rd birthday celebration of Fuji star, Taiye Currency in Ibadan few days ago will shed more light to the positive profile of PaddyPaddyBet. The sports-betting outfit’s staff were everywhere putting everything in place and taking care of the guests with all their zeal as if the birthday boy was one of their own. Before one could say 'Paddy', it was scooped that the birthday boy, Taiye Currency, was actually one of the prized ambassadors of PaddyPaddyBet. Although this was not known to many because the deal was just being signed, sealed and delivered shortly before the birthday celebration.

PaddyPaddyBet only used Taiye Currency’s 43rd birthday bash to make the deal known to the public. Taiye Currency, if you must know is an addition to the many popular artistes which PaddyPaddyBet has planned to sign on as their ambassadors.

Tayie Currency’s 43rd birthday was indeed a unique and coincidental occasion for PaddyPaddyBet to officially announce Taiye Currency as their ambassador. As it stands now, PaddyPaddyBet will soon be taking the shine off other stakeholders in the industry as it is readily set to unveil many packages in its progamme of redefining the vast and encompassing potentials in betting industry, which is now the rave of the moment for players. your social media marketing partner

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