Monday, Jan 2021

Her entry into the mainstream of Nigeria Politics was no doubt made possible on the apron-string of her late father and politicial king maker of Kwara State, Oloye Dr. Olusola Abubakar Saraki. But that is not the story here about the vivacious and arrestingly charming and beautiful Senator Gebmi Saraki.

This former national lawmaker from the famous Saraki dynasty and younger sister to the incumbent Senate President,  Bukola Saraki, has been able to prove many wrong that aside her political ambush,  she also has many things going for her on other pedestals. Need we remind you that Senator Gbemi Saraki, at her 50+ of age, still looks radiant and disarmingly beautiful, despite her very demanding schedule as a politician and unassumingly quiet business vocation.

Ever since she took and unexpected hiatus from active politics few years ago, the hazel-eyed and robust-looking has not allowed the intrigues in the dim water of politics to dissuade from taking good care of natural self much to be amazement and wonderment of opposite sex who are never tired of her rich taste for things that have to do with natural endowment.


The elegant and ever graceful definitely but not ageeing Gbemi is not leaving anyone in doubt about her status in political math of the nation but definitely not at the expense of her aura as a beauty personified.

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