In the frivolous and very exasperating sphere of corporate communication and strategy, one name that is fast becoming a recurring decimal among his peers is the debonair and very industry-leading O'tega Ogra, the workaholic and hardly relenting Group  Head, Corporate Communications, BUA Group.
In his almost a decade in this sub-sector, mercurial O'tega Ogra has transversed the length and breadth of the industry, leaving his mark of excellence, almost too difficult for his successors to out with.
Without being patronizing, O'tega Ogra has been there done that, but during these eventful years of his fledgling career, youthful O'tega has worked in many capacities as a brand strategist, digital marketer, content creator, crisis manager, corporate communications expert, event manager/organiser, Web designer, business manager, entrepreneur and so on.
In all these designations, the ambitious and well-focused O'tega has proved one point, which is that, he loves taking up the impossible, always for new problems and challenges to solve at cutthroat pace.
Before joining the BUA Group, O'tega Ogra, a Babcock University graduate, had worked for years at GTBank as corporate communications manager, with responsibilities for Int.&Ext. Communication, media PR, digital marketing, content management, executive profiling and so on.
From there the young and vibrant O'tega transfer his wealth of experience to Wema Bank plc, where he berthed simultaneously as Head, Brand Management and Head, corporate communications within the bank as well as implementing a brand repositioning programme for the bank, which culminated in the launch of a new brand identity for the bank in 2015.
In his 30s, he joined the BUA Group in 2015 as the Group Head, corporate communications where he has been solely and jointly responsible for charting and driving management for the Group and its subsidiaries. 
O'tega is no doubt a man of many parts, having been a founding partner of a laudable project called 'Lagos The Web' since 2010, while the Ten&Square project is a creative ideation consultancy, bringing custom creative project to function for clients.
All these are the hallmarks of emerging force in the corporate communication world, which O'tega Ogra is fortuitously forging ahead to actualise at BUA Group, he is regarded as the formidable brand strategist whose inputs can never be wished away.
O'tega Ogra is a whiz kid in the corporate communications world. your social media marketing partner

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