Like May 27 of every year is universally acknowledged and celebrated as Children’s Day. But one woman, who shares this glorious and momentous day with children worldwide, is Her Excellency, MaryamMairo Aminu Tambuwal, the First Lady of Sokoto State.

Significantly, the wife of the Sokoto state governor, clocked 40 on the same day, and she had a swell time with children and the less privileged, just as encomiums were showered on the beautiful woman, who has shown over time that she has the love of the people, especially women and children at heart. In her ever concerned attitude towards the less privileged, for the past one year and more, through her Maryam Mustafa Aminu Waziri Tambuwal, (MMAWT), Legacy Initiative, she has dedicated her time, resources and energy busy creating awareness, supporting and promoting girl-child education, youth empowerment, awareness on diseases and epidemics, supporting widows, prisons inmates, juvenile delinquents, orphans and the less-privileged generally Her foundation has opened a way for the women and widows to be self-reliant and prosperous. The NGO today is in the forefront campaigning against discrimination and violence towards women, widows and children in Sokoto State and she is already dubbed as Sokoto State’s Jackie Kennedy for being a pillar of support and encouragement to her husband’s administration. It's not an implausible comparison. She has often brought smiles to the faces of many people particularly because of her sense of style of humbleness, openness and passion to support humanity. She has the same ease, cosmopolitan nature, accommodating, self-confidence, natural presence, and aura of personality as her husband, Governor Tambuwal. At 40, Hajiya Maryam Tambuwal will continue to be a sign-post for women in her ilk to emulate as she hangs no air around herself, despite her privileged position as the First Lady of the state. Her type is indeed rare. 
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