She used to be his fond mistress, only for her to hear that her man of many years got married to a Abuja-based lady, Hadiza. Bunmi Olutunji is now in pain on account of his development.

She has been bemoaning the misfortune that befell her since she was hit by the news of the grand wedding ceremony between Oba Saheed Ademola, Kusenla II, the Onikate of Ikateland and Hadiza Tanko Yakasai, an Abuja-based lady.

It will be recalled that Oba Elegushi got married to Hadiza, the beautiful daughter of Alhaji Tanko Yakasai, veteran politician, human rights activist and former Liaison Officer to President Shehu Shagari. The news of the wedding ceremony was also reported to have shaken Oloori Aramide Sekinat, the original and first wife ever of the Elegushi.

One other lady who was also taken aback by the news of the Elegushi’s marriage to Hadiza, is Bunmi Olatunji, a former mistress of the Elegushi. She was believed to have reclined into a state of semi-depression, when she heard the gory news.

Bunmi, we can tell you, was one of Oba Elegushi’s favourite mistresses, whom she doted on. She was so confident that he would make her his second wife, and had boasted to even her friends that she was going to have a fairy-tale wedding with the handsome Lagos youthful monarch.  It is a known fact that Oba Elegushi ordinarily had a soft spot for Bunmi, but he was uncomfortable about her flamboyant lifestyle and over-inflated ratings on social media.

Even when the Kabiyesi toyed with the idea of taking his affair with Bunmi to the next level, the agenda was promptly knocked off by his close allies, who didn’t hesitate in warning him that he might be biting more than he could chew should he go ahead with his decision to take Bunmi as a wife.

According to some close friends of Bunmi, she has an insatiable appetite for money and enjoys love-making a lot. They also revealed that she always complained of not getting maximum satisfaction in these two aspects from ever busy Elegushi.

So, it was just a matter of time before the two realized their affair was leading to nowhere. Thus, they parted ways late last year.  But Bunmi was said to have always nursed a deep-seated assurance that Elegushi would come back to beg her. So she waited and hoped. Unfortunately, her hope was dashed with the Elegushi/Yakasai wedding which took place on May 3.

Ever since then, Bunmi has been crying and cursing her close friends who also contributed to the crash of her love affair with the Elegushi.  Meanwhile, the popular fashion designer is reported to be plotting to get back with her former fiancée, Greg Uanseru, the President of GCA Energy Limited. But the billionaire businessman has reportedly vowed to rebuff such move.


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