Not many will know this fact; Airwaves Report is about to unfold but the fact will surely startle many who are in the dark about it.
The governor of Nasarawa state Alhaji Tanko Alimakura is one of those who had recorded successes in their endeavours before venturing into politics.  He was into contract business and he is indeed one of the successful contractors around. The family’s construction company has handled contract jobs for successive administrations at the three tiers of government.
The governor, prior to his election as Nasarawa State Chief Executive ran the company he jointly owns with his brother, and the two have made fantastic fortunes from these ventures. Governor Alimakura started as a Secretary and partner in the company and he was made to handle the affairs of the company since the elder brother had no formal education.
His brother, Alhaji Ahmad Alimakura is the Emir of Kwanderi and he is of a first class status. The gist emanating is that many do not know that the name Alimakura is not the real name of the governor! His father was actually Abdul Kura while his brother is Ahmad Kura. The governor’s real names to your consternation are actually Umaru Tanko Abdul Kura.  Tanko is a traditional name given to a male whose parents had three or more females before him. Alimakura is the name that came via their business and the brothers have stuck to it. But the governor is the one that still bears the Tanko nomenclature for reasons best known to him, but their real names by virtue of their father’s own remains Abdul Kura. your social media marketing partner