The anathema that has been ascribed to many Nigerians living abroad is gradually and stealthily being rubbished and washed off by a new set of Nigerians who are giving the country a better improved image abroad.

One of this new crop of guys abroad is the very entrepreneurial Solomon Olaide Gbadamosi, who has been eking out a legitimate living in the US for over a decade now, and has never been found wanting. Now resident in the state of Minnesota, USA, Laide, in the past five years or more has had his hands in many legitimate pies, leaving the bold impression that Nigerians living abroad are not all about scams, fraud and shady deals. Enterprising Laide has been a source of pride to Nigerians in the Diaspora and his native country back home. Laide operates an Old People's Home, Alaafia Homecare Llc in his state of residence, where he caters for the elderly but helpless people, who on account of their age have become virtually a liability to their immediate family members. Laide figured this avenue out and spritely cashed in on it to make a decent living out of this venture and the patronage has been very encouraging. Although, the home is not run as a charity, it goes without saying that good thinking and well-channeled feasible study can result in a worthwhile venture. Olaide also operates a unique restaurant/kitchen, Jimbo Italian American Restaurant DBA Qdot Kitchen that is well-patronized in Minnesota. Those who have visited the restaurant to have a dose of what is on offer there, always want to have a return visit because of the array of gourmet and continental dishes on the menu list, all at the tip of their fingers. The ambience of the restaurant, we hear, is just too alluring for first time patrons, and the referrals they pass on to people are very encouraging. Still in the attitude of making a decent living through legal and legitimate means, Laide also runs a flourishing car mart, 'Qwando Car Sales' in the US, where he deals in big time auto business, without cutting corners. Laide is a very good copy for Nigerians living abroad and his ventures bear eloquent testimony to this. your social media marketing partner